Where I am from

I am from Hoyo de Manzanares
from the relaxing countryside and nature.
I am from in between the tees, the tall, thin trees and grass.
I am from the hills, mountains…
I am a country girl.
I am from the square houses, side by side, white and brick.

I am from the barking of dogs, the mewing of cats,
the noise (shouting, banging) of the neighbours next door,
the chirping of birds,
the metal gates of our gardens banging shut.

I am from the fresh air of the countryside.
I am from the smell of mum’s cooking: the smell of spices,
the smell of pizza, the smell of garlic, the lovely smell of onion frying…
I am from the smell of barbecue food burning in the barbecue.

I am from the juicy fruit.
I am from the creamy milk.
I am from the sweet, creamy, milky chocolate.
I am from the tijuana sunflower seeds: spicy and cracking.

I am from the generosity of friendly neighbours,
from the smiles of happy old men with their hats and walking sticks.

I am from the mysteries of hidden stone steps that shortcut
through streets full of curves.
I am from the welcoming hiding places behind hedges.
I am from the rocks. I am a climber.

I am from the town fair in September,
with all its warm food, all its fun attractions,
all its active games typical of a town, where everyone takes part.
I am from the Christmas crib and cavalcade,
from the excursions walking through the country.
climbing rocks and trees.

I am the girl that last year was discovered to be diabetic.
I remember the doctor saying, after the blood control, “I have no doubt. I have no doubt. I believe it.”