Where I´m from

I am from Madrid
from hot clean skies and trees

I’m from the second of five.
sharp and witty as a knife.

I’m from good friends at school
and on Sundays, I go to a swimming pool

I’m from sun glasses and reading,
skiing, and tennis competing

I am from Monopoly and cards
I like to play them while I eat Mars

I’m from brownies and pancakes
a lot of fun and work is what it takes.

I’m from violets and roses
where I have my dogs and horses

I’m from paintings and piano playing
I also love art, that’s what I’m saying.

I’m from Romantic films and books
the last hit was very good.

I’m from blond and blue eyes
thin, tall and always with a smile.

I’m from my memories
and all of this is ME!

Ana garayalde 9y