Due: Monday 31st March

  1. Write an essay on one of the following topics. Ensure that you make use of quotations from the text to illustrate your ideas. The length should be around 600 words. You might need to do some internet research for the first and third titles.

  • Discuss the Maori culture’s relationship with nature and how this is an important theme in the book.

  • Discuss how the author combines the two stories i.e. the legend about the whales and Kahu’s story (you could consider this from perspectives such as i) the structure of the book, ii) actual events in the book iii) use of symbols such as the spear and tattoos iv) in time v) what this technique of using two stories brings to the book).

  • Discuss the traditional place of women in Maori culture and what message is being given in the book about how these traditions need to change.

  1. Hand in your folder with all your work for your study of this book. Made sure it is illustrated and includes some print outs of research into Maori culture.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into a different culture… certainly I enjoyed the experience of sharing “where I am from” with you!

Rick Armstrong