I’m From… I’m from living with a little monster. From a strong smell to onion in Sunday. From playing cards in summer And cuddling with my friends in winter. I’m from a little jungle. From buying sweets every Sunday After a long boring mass. I’m from walking to school, From doing homework in the garden. I’m from listening my granny sing While I cuddle in bed. I’m from watching the Atleti play on Sunday And from soap operas while I have a snack. I’m from barbecue pizza on Friday, And potato omelet on Thursday. I’m from watching ‘Snow White’, And getting dressed up as Cinderella. I’m from having a flowery bedroom Decorated by myself. I’m from asking for more than a wish When I blow my birthday cake candles. I am from ‘Don’t hurt your sister’ and ‘Eat all your vegetables’ I’m having the smell of Nenuco perfume all over me When I go to my granny’s house.