Where I'm from

I am from pasta on Friday nights
The sweet scent comming from the kitchen
From ballet lessons and fried fish.
I am from good night stories causing me magical dreams

And cuddles in a warm bed.
I am from hot baths and snack with my Dad

On the rock bench in front of the fountain,
From watching "Alice in Wonderland" on wet afternoons.
I am from going to the mountains
The fresh and cool country air
From washing the dishes and eating mortadela with olives,
Sticky but tasty.
I am from "Clean you room!"

From "Clean the class room up!" from "Night night sleep tight"
I am from flowers and grass
From my garden and swimming pool
A refreshing break from the hot season.
I am from Sunday's walk in the Gran Via

From Barbara, my cleaner who gave me digusting chocolate That misteriously dissapeared.
I am from Alice and Dorothy,
The dolls that grew with my sister and I
Playing anywhere anyplace
I am from Manuel, Suzanne and Rebeca
People that made me who I am
Manuel, working in his cold office
Suzane wearing the horrible necklace I gave her

Rebeca, making me laugh.