Student Examples:

Justin - Senior – has lived in Ohio all his life

Where I’m From

I am from the Ohio fields
from the open skies and prairies.

I am from the open land
and the farms and cornfields
that grow the sweetest corn.

I am from the softball field
playing under the lights, in front of the fans.

I am from the “smart-ass’s”
and the “try-to-fit-in’s”
From the – “Speak-up! or Shut-up!”

I am from the hotdogs and cookouts
from pizza, pop-corn and pop.

I am from my Grandmother’s determination
and the battle she lost to cancer.

I am from my parents’ advice and love
from the pictures of places
I’ve been with my friends and family.

I am from Ohio, my family, and my friends
from all the beautiful places I’ve been.

Prakay- Senior- from India- has lived in Ohio for ten years.

Where I’m From

I am from tall high rise buildings
from the miles of traffic on the streets
from the sound of loud car horns
from the smell of heat and humidity
moistening my skin.

I am from the smell of hot spices in the kitchen
from the taste of spicy curry.

I am from concrete and pavement
from pollution and littering.

I am from the sound of the Arabian Sea at my doorstep
from the sand beach in my feet.

I am from the church down the street
from the rich school that wears a tie with the uniform.

I am from the soccer field and the cricket field,
from the basketball court and tennis court.

I am from Bombay.